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What If A Toronto Wisdom Teeth Removal Is Recommended

If your wisdom teeth are properly positioned and healthy, they can be a great asset to your mouth. But sometimes, problems that come up requires you to undergo wisdom teeth removal. For some people, the jaw is not quite large enough for the wisdom teeth to have room. These third molars can grow sideways and remain under the gum. They may also become impacted, or emerge only partly remaining trapped under the gum and bone.

When is Toronto Wisdom Teeth Removal Recommended?

There are a few reasons the dentist may recommend removal of the wisdom teeth. Here are some of the common reasons:
  • When the wisdom teeth partially erupt – this can leave a space for bacteria to enter and gather around the tooth and cause infection. As a result, you may experience pain, stiffness and swelling.
  • Poorly aligned wisdom teeth – when the wisdom teeth are not properly aligned, they can damage the teeth adjacent to them.
  • Cysts form – Sometimes a fluid-filled sac, or cyst can form. This can destroy all the surrounding structures like bone or roots.
Ask your dental professional about your health and the position of your wisdom teeth to see if they recommend Toronto wisdom teeth removal.

Avoiding Discomfort After Wisdom Teeth Removal

If your dentist recommends removal of the wisdom teeth, there are some suggestions to help you avoid discomfort after the procedure. This includes:
  • Applying ice packs to the outside of the jaws for about 15 minutes every two hours to reduce swelling
  • Take any medications your dentist prescribed or recommended
  • Follow any specific directions given by your dental professional like eating soft foods for a couple days, or avoiding using a straw.
  • Rest the day after the procedure and generally take it easy for the next two days to allow your body time to heal.

Properly aligned teeth not only give you a beautiful smile, but they can significantly improve your overall dental health.

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