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Implants and Bone Grafting Toronto

Implants and Bone Grafting

Implants are indicated whenever at least one tooth is missing. If the missing space(s) is not filled, the teeth surrounding the space often drift, the opposing teeth in the other arch will erupt further into the oral cavity (hypereruption) which can change your bite, bone erosion can occur in the area, and even changes in speech might occur. The popularity of implants has increased steadily over the years.

Implants are designed to replace the root of a missing tooth and can be used to support crowns, bridges, or dentures.

Implant supported dentures have gained a major popularity in the recent years. New materials and techniques have made the retention of the implant supported dentures to a greater extent than conventional dentures.

The root-form implant is the most common type and basically consists of three main components:

  • Implant screw – This part of the implant is made of titanium and is surgically placed in the bone. Titanium is accepted by the body extremely well and fuses with the bone (called osseointegration) during the healing process.
  • Abutment – This is a metal collar that attaches to the top of the implant screw and is the base for a crown, bridge, or denture.
  • Crown - The crown is the manufactured tooth that fits on top of the abutment. Bridges and dentures can also be secured to the abutment. The placement of the crown, bridge, or denture is the final step of the implant process.

Implants and Bone Grafting

In many cases, people are missing more than a single tooth and need numerous implants. Bone grafts are used to build up bones that need to be able to support several teeth. In these instances, bone is taken from a shin, hip or other site and grafted into jawbones needed to be strengthened. This is a surgical procedure and patients usually have to stay a night or two in the hospital, especially if the bone is taken from the hip area.

Removing the Bone

This procedure will require the use of general anaesthesia. Once you are sedated, the bone will be taken from just above the hip joint from the ilium. The procedure will not increase the risk of a hip fracture. In a few cases, the procedure can be done in the surgeon’s office. You will be given both a local anaesthesia and intravenous sedation before the bone is removed.

Bone Grafting

There is a high success rate for bone grafts for dental implants, even though there is always a chance the graft can fail. In most cases, bone grafts are not rejected. Some people like smokers or those with medical conditions have a higher chance of bone graft failure.

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