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Services Offered By Pediatric Dentistry In Toronto

Pediatric dentistry in Toronto provides preventive and therapeutic oral care for children. It is very important to get children started off right when it comes to dental care. It is equally important to choose a dental professional who practices pediatric dentistry in Toronto. A pediatric dentist is knowledgeable of how to care for children’s teeth while they are developing. Here are the services you should find at a clinic for pediatric dentistry in Toronto.

Preventive Care for Children

A pediatric dentist is going to be focused on preventive care and teaching children how to properly care for their teeth so they can continue to good oral health care throughout their lives. The dental professional may offer sealants to help keep teeth from decaying or developing cavities, but if they do develop a cavity, the dentist can fill it with a composite filling. This will keep the tooth from being damaged further. In some cases, they can also use a dental cap to protect a tooth from decaying.

Comprehensive Dental Exams

The pediatric dentist will perform a thorough exam of the child’s mouth. He will take x-rays and determine if there are any preventive steps that need to be taken, or if treatment is necessary. If any teeth are damaged they may provide fillings, cap a tooth, or pull a tooth. In most cases, if a treatment is needed, then the dentist will offer the child nitrous oxide, or a special gas that helps them relax so they do not become anxious during the treatment process.

Special Dental Services

A clinic offering pediatric dentistry in Toronto will be able to provide other types of dental care such as using spacers if the teeth tend to grow in crooked, watch for wisdom teeth to come in properly and recommend a specialist who can provide braces if they become necessary.

Properly aligned teeth not only give you a beautiful smile, but they can significantly improve your overall dental health.

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