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Benefits of Teeth Whitening at Toronto Dental Clinics

Many people suffer from discolored or stained teeth and have thought about seeking teeth whitening at a Toronto dental clinic. Whitening treatments can improve the smile by making the teeth more appealing. Even though you can get some over the counter strips or toothpaste to whiten your teeth, they’re not as good as getting professional teeth whitening by Toronto dentists. Here are a few of the many benefits of teeth whitening in Toronto.

Professional Strength Products

Whitening products you find in stores contain small amounts of whitening agents. But these are only about 3% peroxide which can help if teeth are only slightly stained. These products are not as effective on teeth which are severely stained or have intrinsic stains. You may be able to brighten your teeth a shade or two lighter. Professional strength cleaning agents may contain as much as 35% peroxide and remove more stubborn stains.

Provide Quick Treatments

Teeth whitening at Toronto dental clinics usually lasts about an hour and your teeth can be about 10 shades brighter. Over the counter whitening products have to be used repeatedly for months before any changes are even visible and in some cases, you’ll never see results.

Comfortable Treatments

Using over the counter treatment options often causes sensitivity and pain. This can occur if the strips or trays are sized incorrectly. Teeth whitening at Toronto clinics ensure your gums are protected while treatment is being performed. This can keep the cleaning agents from coming into contact with the gums and causing discomfort. A dentist may also recommend fluoride treatments following teeth whitening to reduce any sensitivity.

Longer Lasting Results

Store bought treatments are not going to last as long as a professional whitening done in a dental clinic. Once the cleaning has been completed, the dentist may also provide a take-home kit for maintaining your whiter smile. If you want your teeth another shade or two whiter, he may provide custom-fitting trays and whitening gel for your use at home.

Properly aligned teeth not only give you a beautiful smile, but they can significantly improve your overall dental health.
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