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How to Find a Clinic Where You Will Receive Painless Tooth Extraction in Toronto

Unfortunately, it is often necessary to have a tooth pulled, due to decay, an abscess, a fracture, or overcrowding, among other reasons. Many people fear visiting the dentist because of tooth extraction and the pain they expect to experience during and after the procedure.

Why Is Tooth Extraction Painful?

Since the introduction of anesthesia, Toronto tooth extraction has been a far less painful experience than previously. In fact, under local anesthesia, you only feel a needle prick and some pulling from the extraction tools. If your dentist needs to extract several teeth, he or she may use general anesthesia, meaning you will be asleep throughout the procedure. Despite this, there is usually some pain after tooth extraction. The most common reason is a dry socket, where the jaw bone or nerves are exposed, leading to intense pain. Other causes include damage to the teeth, jaw, or nerves or an infection.

How to Find Painless Toronto Tooth Extraction

It is possible to make the entire process of tooth extraction painless. For instance, if dental tissues are severely damaged, your dentist should prescribe you stronger medication than over-the-counter analgesics. The dentist should also be experienced in the procedure you are undergoing to reduce the risk of accidental damage to another tooth or to a restoration, your jaw, or a nerve. Finally, the dentist needs to take proper measures to avoid infection in the extraction area. You can receive all the above with Dr. Louis Vandersluis at Toronto Dental. In his 30 years of practicing, Dr. Vandersluis has carried out every dental procedure multiple times. With all his patients, he uses a gentle, professional approach to reduce both pain and anxiety.

Properly aligned teeth not only give you a beautiful smile, but they can significantly improve your overall dental health.

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