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Is Scaling and Root Planing Painful?

If your dentist recommends scaling and root planing Toronto, you may be concerned that the procedure will be painful. The good news is that most people experience little, if any, discomfort.

Why Receive Scaling and Root Planing Toronto

Fears about going to the dentist often lead people to delay treatment, causing problems to become worse. At the start, bacteria will cause your gums to bleed and become inflamed. After some time, this leads to receding gums and periodontal pockets, damaging bone structure and eventually causing tooth loss. If this happens, you will require much more intense treatment to fix your weakened jaw or bones. Not only is this likely to be painful, damage at this extent tends to be irreversible.

What Does Scaling and Root Planing Involve?

Scaling and root planing goes beyond a typical dental cleaning by removing plaque below the gum line. By removing bacteria that is under the gums, your mouth can start to heal. Your dentist will use an ultrasonic dental scaler to clean away the plaque and then smooth the surface of the teeth to help gums reattach.

Why Is Scaling and Root Planing Not Painful?

If periodontal pockets are not deep, you will only feel a scraping along your teeth. However, if the procedure is likely to cause some discomfort, your dentist will discuss options with you to numb the area, including local or topical anesthetic.

Sensitivity After Treatment

Your gums may be a little sore after scaling and root planing, but you should feel nothing more than slight sensitivity to temperature. If you suffer any pain, over-the-counter analgesics should be sufficient. You can also avoid discomfort by ensuring your brush gently and using a salt water or chlorhexidine rinse, as advised by your dentist.

Properly aligned teeth not only give you a beautiful smile, but they can significantly improve your overall dental health.

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