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Who Needs to Get a Dental Sports Guard in Toronto?

Many coaches don’t require their team to wear a dental sports guard in Toronto sports activities. However, playing sports without wearing a dental sports guard can increase the number of dental injuries that occur. Many sports and activities can cause damage to the teeth or gums so it’s best to wear a dental sports guard just to protect the teeth from damage or injury.

Who should wear dental sports guards in Toronto?

Any person who participates in competitive or leisure sports should wear a dental sports guard. Mouthguards are usually worn when playing full contact sports but they can also be useful when playing non-contact sports. Any time there is a risk of injury, a dental sports guard can be helpful for minimizing that risk.

How do I wear a dental sports guard?

You can purchase a dental sports guard at Toronto sports stores or drug stores, or you can have your dentist custom fit one for you. If you purchase a basic dental sports guard, you will remove any bridges, braces or partial dentures before putting the sports guard in your mouth. Once the activity has ended, you can take the guard back out. Always rinse it off and then store it in its protective container.

Do I need a custom fitted dental sports guard from my Toronto dentist?

You can get a custom-fit dental sports guard in a Toronto dentist office. The dental professional will talk to you about the types of sports and activities you participate in before he examines your teeth and mouth. Then, he will make an impression of your mouth and send it to a lab to be custom-made to fit you perfectly. Once it has been completed, the dentist will check it to ensure it fits properly and he can make some minor adjustments to ensure it fits securely and properly.

Properly aligned teeth not only give you a beautiful smile, but they can significantly improve your overall dental health.

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