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Checklist for Dental Checkups and Teeth Cleaning in Toronto

During dental checkups and teeth cleaning in Toronto, your dentist does much more than look at the state of your teeth and remove plaque. It is a complicated process, throughout which your dentist will be looking for signs of problems, ranging from minor to serious. Your dentist will also use the opportunity to prescribe any necessary treatment to correct issues in the earliest stages. To understand what exactly goes on during the checkup and cleaning, refer to this checklist.

Dental Checkups and Teeth Cleaning Toronto Checklist

  1.  Review of your medical history. Your dentist needs to know about every aspect of your medical history, past and present. Even conditions and medications that may seem unrelated to your oral health may be important.
  2. Taking X-rays. Your dentist can only examine areas like roots and spaces between teeth with X-rays. This is used for checking bone and root health and to look for cysts or growths.
  3. Visual check of your teeth. The dentist will look at tooth position, color, and wear, any signs of cavities or decay, and the condition of past dental work, including root canals, crowns, and fillings.
  4. Examination of other areas of the mouth. Your dentist will also check your gums for signs of periodontal disease, your palate and floor of the mouth for inflammation or bleeding, and jaw for proper functionality. Finally, your dentist will examine your neck to ensure there is no inflammation in the glands and lymph nodes.
  5. A summary of findings. The last stage of the checkup part of your visit is spent talking to you about the findings of the examination. If your dentist found anything that requires further attention, you will discuss treatment options.
  6. Cleaning the teeth. Your dentist will end your visit by cleaning the plaque and tartar off your teeth, using specialized equipment, and by polishing your teeth to create a smooth surface.

Properly aligned teeth not only give you a beautiful smile, but they can significantly improve your overall dental health.

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