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Fillings Toronto


Modern dentistry has allowed Midtown Dental Studio to combine beauty as well as strength when filling teeth. Restorations are close to their original strength and appearance with composite resins and other modern materials. The patient’s comfort is always the main priority of the dental team, leading to a positive experience.

Fillings (restorations) are used to replace tooth structure that is decayed. Caries can be detected through direct observation or x-rays. Fillings are also used to repair fractured, broken, or severely worn teeth.

Dr. Robin Kutner and Dr. Laurel Linetsky-Fleisher will proceed to cavity preparation, removing any remaining decay and shaping the final cavity. The next step will be the addition of composite-resin filling material, cured (hardened) after with a curing light. The final step will be polishing the filling to adapt it smoothly to the natural shape of the tooth.

Composite fillings are very aesthetic restorations since they are available in natural shades matching tooth colours. They are also being tolerated perfectly by all patients who visit Midtown Dental Studio . In some cases cavity preparation could become very large for usual fillings and Dr. Robin Kutner and Dr. Laurel Linetsky-Fleisher will recommend an inlay or an onlay (partial crown), restorations designed to replace more tooth structure. Those restorations are made in a dental laboratory after the dentist has taken you an impression of the preparation. The final placement of inlay or onlay will be made during a second visit at Midtown Dental Studio.

Fillings do not last forever so it is essential that you visit Dr. Robin Kutner and Dr. Laurel Linetsky-Fleisher regularly for further examinations. Fillings can develop cracks or simply wear down due to chewing forces. The dentist monitors the integrity of your fillings during regular exams and will recommend replacing a filling if a problem is detected.

Can I Chew After I get Fillings in My Teeth?

Your teeth can be a little sore or sensitive after you get fillings. Sometimes it only lasts for a few hours, but for others it can last days following the procedure. It can be uncomfortable to eat and drink. There are a few hints about chewing to help you from having as much discomfort after getting fillings.

  • Chew more slowly and bite down lightly. Take your time and chew your food slowly. If you can, chew on the side opposite of the fillings.
  • Close your mouth while you are chewing. This is polite, but it can also keep out colder air that can cause pain after having a filling.
  • Avoid sticky foods. It can take a little bit of time for a filling to set well. Eating sticky food can often dislodge new fillings so avoid them for a short time afterwards.
  • Avoid extremely hot or cold beverages. Real hot or cold drinks can cause pain after a filling. Drink liquids that are just moderate temperatures to avoid pain.
  • Skip the sweets. Sugars can cause sensitivity.
  • Avoid hard substances like nuts, ice or hard candy. Let your teeth recover well before putting too much pressure on them by chewing hard foods.

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