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Pediatric Dentistry Toronto

Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry and Helping Children

Pediatric dentistry takes some specialized studies beyond just general dentistry. A pediatric dentist has to complete courses designed to help them better care for children. Children require a bit different care than adults and it’s important to be gentler with them. After a dentist completes dental school, they have to go to school two to three years more to be qualified for pediatric dentistry. This will include some work in children’s hospitals with children who have severe dental needs and various types of dental emergencies.

After extensive training, then what?

A pediatric dentist will work closely with a general dentist as well as paediatricians in order to provide specialized treatment plans for the children they serve. They typically treat children up until they reach college level. They can help children with developmental problems. They may also work with children with special needs requiring them to be treated in a hospital setting rather than in a dental office.

Why choose a pediatric dentist?

The primary focus of a pediatric dentist is to prevent cavities and serious oral problems. They may also perform a variety of treatments. Pediatric dentistry is a specialized field designed to help prevent children’s oral health problems.

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