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Teeth Grinding Toronto

Teeth Grinding

Common Causes of Teeth Grinding

There can be many different things that cause teeth grinding. A lot of people who suffer from anxiety, depression or sleep disorders can grind their teeth both when they are asleep and awake. Other things that can lead to teeth grinding includes consuming alcohol, smoking or drinking a lot of caffeine. Some experts suggest that those who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea are more likely to grind their teeth. But they are also more likely to drink alcohol, smoke and consume caffeinated products. Experts also state that about 70% of those who grind their teeth do so out of anxiety and stress.

What to do About Teeth Grinding

The most common way to protect your teeth from damage caused by teeth grinding is to wear a device. It is called an occlusal appliance, but more commonly known as a mouth guard, night guard or splint. It is best if you go to the dentist so you can get a custom-made mouthpiece so it fits properly. It can be fitted for the top teeth or the bottom teeth. It will protect the teeth and the temporomandibular joint and can reduce pain in the jaw muscle.

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