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Prevent Cavities

Is there a way to prevent getting a cavity?

Getting cavities can be genetic. If your parents or grandparents got a lot of cavities, it is more likely you are going to experience them as well. Dr. Robin Kutner and Dr. Laurel Linetsky-Fleisher can explain that there are certain factors that put you more at risk for developing a cavity. You may be more susceptible to getting cavities if:

  • Our parents or siblings have them
  • Not having enough fluoride exposure
  • You have poor dental hygiene habits
  • You have an imbalance of minerals, buggering agents and enzymes in your saliva
  • Eat too many of the wrong types of foods

Can I prevent cavities?

There are three basic ways for you to prevent getting cavities. These will lessen the likelihood that you develop cavities.

  • Make your teeth’s defense stronger by using fluoride products
  • Ask your dentist about putting sealants on back teeth
  • Reduce how much bacteria you have in your mouth

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Properly aligned teeth not only give you a beautiful smile, but they can significantly improve your overall dental health.

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